• Typ 1
    Typ 1
  • Typ 2
    Typ 2
  • Typ 3
    Typ 3

The lattice spans are fastened to the fence poles by means of special assemblies:

Type 1: Two-part holders screwed down by means of the stainless screws with a lenticular head.
Type 2: Holders welded onto the poles.
Type 3: Flat bars screwed down to the poles.

Foundations under the fence poles of dimensions 30x30x80 cm should be used and in the case of the embankment and application continuous footing made of B-10 concrete minimum, dimensions 28x25 cm.

The spans and poles are hot-dip galvanized according to EN ISO 1461. It is possible to finish the surface by powder painting in the green colour (RAL 6005) or others on an individual order.

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