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  • Wyroby metalowe – od producenta | Rapmet

RAPMET - BENT is a permanent fencing for various industrial, residential and public facilities.

The span length between the axes of the poles is 2500 mm. The lattice consists of the horizontal and vertical bars of 5 mm diameter. The dimensions of the lattice mesh are 50x50 mm or 50x200 mm. The lattice height varies from 630 to 2430 mm.
Bending of the rails welded at the top and the bottom of the span lattice ensures its rigidity without the necessity to use a heavy steel frame.
At heights from 1825 mm on up, an extra bending in the middle of the span is provided.

Steel poles of the rectangular cross-section 60x40 mm or 70x50 mm (depending on the height and expected load). The poles are sealed at the top by a plastic or steel sheet cap.

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