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Metal factory "RAPMET" was established in 1977. We started the production of platform gratings in 1985 and nowadays we have a strong position on the market as an experienced manufacturer of such products.
We produce two types of platform gratings: welded and pressed ones. Both of them may be manufactured in an anti-skid (serrated) version.
We produce platform gratings of typical dimensions, but other dimensions according to the specific requirements of the client are also available.

The construction is performed in accordance with DIN 24537 and 24531 standards. Anti-corrosive protection is achieved through hot dip zinc coating according to DIN 50976. We are in possession of strength tests conducted by Politechnika Wrocławska (Wroclaw technical university).
Our gratings have multiple uses at industrial constructions, power industry, chemical plants and sewage treatment plants as working and handling platforms, communication routes, channel covers, steps of stairs, etc.
Our plant provides platform gratings for many companies in Poland and abroad.

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