• Rapmet 052
    Rapmet 052

galvanized / dry sprayed

Containers made by our firm facilitate a safe and an efficient way of transport and storage. They are characterized by small complete weight and parallel, by a large loading space. Moreover, they are very resistant and easy to use. Their construction makes it possible to store and to move them by using fork lifts, levers and overhead cranes.

  • Storing possibility up to 4 containers
  • Performing of plate walls makes it possible a comfortable and efficient storage and transport of the containers.
  • Protected against corrosion by applying a hot galvanizing process (grids) and a dry spraying (bases).



  galvanized dry sprayed
Width L (mm)
Length B (mm)
Height H (mm)
Height - fold up H (mm) 360
Weight (kg) 115 98
Load capacity (kg) 1500
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