• Wyroby metalowe – od producenta | Rapmet

Ramps for disabled people produced by ZWM RAPMET are made of steel construction protected against corrosion by hot dip galvanizing. The use of gratings to fill the ramp is in practice very advantageous, because the falling rain, snow or falling leaves are not in arrears on the surface.

Parameters of Ramps manufactured by RAPMET:
- Anti-slip surface;
- The minimum width of the ramp - 120 cm;
- Maximum length of the ramp - 900 cm in one run,
- The minimum width of the landing between the ramp and the entrance - 150 cm;
- Landings between the ramps should be at least 140 cm
- Angle - depending on the level difference should be within a range from 6% to 15%
- Handrails should be located at a height of 700 cm and 900 cm, the distance between them should be within 1 ÷ 1.1 m.

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