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  • Wyroby metalowe – od producenta | Rapmet

RAPMET - TOP is a permanent fencing for various residential, industrial and public facilities.

The span length between the axes of the poles is 2500 mm. The horizontal lattice strips of the span are made of the U-profile 20x10x2 mm and the vertical rails are made of bars with 5,5 mm diameter. The dimensions of the lattice mesh are from 50 x 200 mm to 100x200 mm. The length of the lattice field is 2500 mm and its height is from 630 to 2430 mm or more depending of customer needs. For individual clients request we can manufacture the lattice of either more or less dense matrix mesh e.g. 25x200 mm or 100x400, 50x400.

For the spans up to 2430 mm metal poles of rectangular 60x40 or square 40x40 cross-section are used with assembly points. The poles are sealed at the top with caps. The fence poles can be embedded in the ground by means of concrete or they can be screwed into the embankment by means of alloy plates.

The spans of the fence are fastened to the poles with handles standard Type 1, 2, 3 or by using the hook of stainless steel. Connections are made from screw joints made of stainless steel.

When needed additional protection can be provided in the form of vertical rail endings standing out over the lattice or by bending the top part of the fence.

The RAPMET-TOP system ensures simple, fast and durable fixing of the components and stability of the structure. It also allows for applying appropriate gates, wickets and various safety devices as required.

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