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Serrated gratings are characterised by the increased friction coefficient. Bearing flat bars are serrated, which increases their anti-skid properties.
They are used in making platforms in places exposed to snow, ice, grease and moisture.

Technical data (loading, weight, mesh size, sizes of bearing flat bars) are the same as for the standard gratings of a flat bar and a bar. The gratings are made in various shapes according to the wish of the client.

In case of installations in the open air and in plants with increased corrosion danger (e.g. chemical plants) it is recommended to enlarge the thickness of bearing flat bars by 1 mm.
Dimensions recommended in order to avoid deformations caused by permanent loading.

For the easiness of movement, it is recommended to assume a single movable
loading of 150 daN/m2 on the pressure surface 200x200 mm in the most disadvantageous part of the grating, with the maximum deflection of 4 mm.

  • Wyroby metalowe – od producenta | Rapmet
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