• Dry sprayed version
    Dry sprayed version

Dry sprayed version

The RAPMET Company is a producer of special pallets used for accessories’ transportation in a car industry.
According to a purchaser’s needs we can design and produce pallets in all dimensions and shapes. Our pallets are robust and corrosion-resistant. Their construction makes it possible to level, to store as well as to transport them by using fork lifts.

  • Ideally corrosion-resistant by applying hot galvanizing
  • Possibility of transportation by using fork lifts.
  • Producing based on a purchaser’s documentation.
  • Application of folding sides makes it possible a comfortable and efficient storage and transportation of empty pallets.



Width L (mm)
Length B (mm)
Height H (mm)
Weight (kg) 85
Load capacity (kg) 6 gearboxes
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