Welded gratings are made of bearing flat bars 2 to 5 mm thick and specially prepared connecting (transverse) bars.
Welded gratings of that construction eliminate the possibility of skidding in nearly all conditions.

Mesh size: 30x32, 30x44, 30x70 mm
Height of gratings: 25, 30, 40 mm or other according to one's needs.



KOZ - welded framed grating, grooved bar
NOZ - welded framed grating, serrated type
KNZ - welded unframed grating.


KOZ (30x32) (30x3), L = 500, B = 1000
Welded framed grating, grooved bar, mesh size, bearing flat bar size, L - length of the grating, B - width of the grating.

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