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TIG 141 welding

TIG (tungsten inert gas) – is a method of welding with a non-fusible tungsten electrode in a shield of inert gases such as helium, argon, or a mixture of these gases, and the welded material. The method is coded 141.The arc…

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Welding – types

It is one of the processes of bonding, that is, the permanent joining of materials resulting in a joint with physical material continuity. Currently, this method of joining metals is the most common way of welding. The joint itself is formed…

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Welding with covered electrodes

Shielded metal arc welding (SMAW, method 111 ) – a method of arc welding using a fusible metal electrode covered with a flux coating.Electric current (alternating or direct current, as appropriate) produces an electric arc between the metals to be joined…

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Machining – what does it consist of?

The machining process involves the removal of heterogeneities, impurities, ie. Sand, rust, scale, slag or residues of old paint or other coating. For this, a closed circuit uses abrasive material. The effect obtained is: smoothing, hardening, heating, removal of deformation or…

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ISO 3834-2

Welding and related processes have a significant impact on the quality of manufactured products (home furnishings, means of transportation, up to very complex metal structures, such as ships, bridges, etc.). Products of this type should be made with extreme precision, which…

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Standard EN 1090-2

Technical requirements for steel structures, for the manufacture and construction of steel structures to ensure appropriate levels of mechanical strength and stability, as intended, and durability. Since September 22, 2014 we have implemented the ZKP (Factory Production Control) System EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011…

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What does zinc plating consist of?

This is one of the most effective methods of corrosion protection.Under this term is a set of operations whose purpose is to cover the surface of steel objects with a thin coating of zinc for protection against the effects of water…

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Powder coating – methods to prevent corrosion

One of the proven types of corrosion protection.In recent years, there has been a very rapid development of powder coating applications. This technology is gaining popularity while increasing its share in decorating and anti-corrosion protection of various surfaces including everyday products….

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How the installation of composite grating looks like

Composite gratings can be easily cut (if necessary) to the desired size with a diamond blade cutter, or with a hacksaw. On site during installation, pipe penetrations through grilles and holes for fittings can be cut.Important – repaint the cut areas…

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