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Heavy-duty gratings

Heavy-duty, overrun gratings

Heavy-duty gratings are designed to carry heavy loads. We produce them on the basis of welded, pressed, cardboard or half-cardboard gratings.

Construction of heavy-duty gratings:

  • height of the supporting flat bar from 50 to 200 mm
  • thickness of the supporting flat bar from 5 to 15 mm
  • mesh 34×38 mm, 34×76 mm, 33×33 mm, 38×38 mm , 70×130 mm and others
  • distribution bar from Ø 6 to Ø 10 or flat bar from 25×4 mm to 30×8 mm
Fig. Heavy grating

Type of steel from which we make heavy-duty gratings: steel S235, S355, stainless steel (304), acid-resistant steel (316, 316Ti, 321 and others)

We make grilles according to individual customer orders. We have the ability to make gratings with non-standard mesh and strip heights and thicknesses. We have the technological facilities to customize the execution of gratings according to customer guidelines and needs.

They are used wherever high-strength structures and pavements need to be used, places like:

  • magazines,
  • industrial plants,
  • grain chutes (chute gratings),
  • seaports
  • airports,
  • armaments plants.

The following parameters should be taken into account when selecting gratings for vehicular traffic :

  • support spacing,
  • The weight of the vehicle including the load,
  • Pressure concentrated on an area of 200×200 mm in the most unfavorable area of the grating,
  • type of vehicle – van, truck, forklift
  • The direction of movement in relation to the alignment of the supporting flat bars.
Table - vehicular traffic

Heavy-duty gratings are gratings designed to bear heavy loads with low weight, with applications including. In places such as industrial plants, storage yards, production halls and warehouses, seaports and airports.

Our heavy duty gratings grtaing meet all the requirements of current standards, in addition, they are characterized by durability, ease of installation, functionality and high aesthetics. We attach the utmost importance to the quality of construction of gratings, including heavy-duty gratings.

The use of modern technologies and attention to every detail brings the expected results in the form of products whose parameters and performance customers are always satisfied with.

We also make heavy grating with a frame welded to the end of the grating, higher than the supporting flat bar, the so-called ” heavy g rating”. bortgages, heavy gratings with anti-slip angles, and heavy gratings with anti-slip slats.