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Offshore gratings

Offshore gratings

Offshore gratings are a special type of grating that is designed for use on:

  • oil rigs,
  • facilities located in the coastal zone, such as offshore wind farms and gas facilities.

They provide safe and stable access to various areas on offshore platforms, allowing operating personnel to work and perform maintenance. They have a non-slip surface to ensure safe movement on oil rigs and other offshore facilities.

Offshore gratings are made of serrated (notched) support flat bars and welded additional bars that thicken the mesh. The thickened mesh restricts the passage of small elements, that is, the test of a fi 15 mm or fi 20 mm ball is met.

Offshore grating parameters:

Grid mesh: 38×101, 41×100 and others
Supporting flat bars: 25×3, 30×5, 35×5 and others

Fig. Offshore grating