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Steel spiral staircase

Spiral staircase

Spiral staircase, or spiral staircase, is one of the best solutions for limited spaces. Their well-thought-out design makes it possible to use the smallest possible area for development and to fit the shape into existing elements.

The most common uses of spiral staircases:

  • Entrances to platforms at equipment and tanks
  • As an escape staircase (e.g., in Scandinavian countries) 

Spiral stairs are a simple, safe and functional solution. We produce them on the basis of documentation provided by the customer.

The spiral staircases we supply are made according to our own statistical calculations and individual design fully adapted to the customer’s needs. We specialize in manufacturing both indoor and outdoor spiral staircases. We use the highest quality materials, which ensure that the products are durable, resistant to damage and safe during use. In order to meet your expectations, we also make stairs according to the designs provided to us by our clients.

The main advantages of the spiral staircase are:

  • small space,
  • limited area needed to build them (smaller than in the case of traditional stairs),
  • The possibility of angular adjustment to the existing elements (rotation of all degrees on the supporting column),
  • simple installation,
  • low weight relative to height,
  • Much lower price than traditional stairs.

The spiral staircase fits both new and renovated buildings. They have applications in construction and industry. They are safe, as well as very functional – used for years all over the world, among other things, as escape stairs, entrances to tank platforms, in industrial halls for vertical communication links, or entrances to the basement or attic. The spiral staircase is protected by a railing that protects the user from falling.

Spiral stairs are made of metal, stair treads on the basis of welded or pressed grating(according to DIN 24531), in a way that allows self-assembly. They meet all the requirements of building regulations, and PN-80/M.-49060, so it is necessary to comply with the following guidelines:

  • Outer diameter of stairs D = from 2000 mm
  • Stair tread height h = 175 to 200 mm
  • Number of stair treads per full rotation (360°) n = 16 to 19 (depending on diameter D)
  • The stairs must be able to anchor the support pipe from 3-8 m b. heights.
  • Protected against corrosion by galvanizing or powder coating.